Reel Handling Solutions

Reel Storer - Reel Handling equipment

The Reel Storer frame is designed to transfer an entire pallet load of reels in one easy action. The principle is to withdraw the pallet, leaving the reels suspended in the frame. The pallets can then be removed individually.

Manufactured in high quality, polished stainless steel. Also available in powder coated Carbon steel.

reel storer

Reel Storer

Ultra Lifter (manual) series - reel handling equipment

The Ultra is a robust and versatile chassis that can be outfitted with a wide variety attachments to suit any application. Manufactured to the highest standard in polished stainless steel. Also available in powder coated carbon steel.

Slide Loader

Slide Loader

side loader

Side Loader






Cam Turner

Ultra Lifter (powered) series - reel handling equipment              

The Ultra is also available in a powered version, allowing for even more user friendly machine. It can be outfitted with any of the manual Ultra attachments, which are also fully powered. Manufactured to the highest standard in stainless steel. Also available in powder coated carbon steel.

Ultra Powered Mini Loader

Mini Loader



Powered Reel Gripper




Powered Ultra

Reel Push Turner

reel placer series - reel handling equipment 

The Reel Placer is designed to lift a reel from a pallet or floor level. It can then be transported to the production machine or transferred to a special purpose Reel Holder trolley. based the parallel arm lifting principle. It has the capacity to accept a wide variety of reel handling attachments.

Manufactured to the highest standard in stainless steel, also available in powder coated carbon steel.

Fork placer

Quad Fork

Reel Placer 

 Reel placer long range

Long Reach Reel Placer


Core Pin

 Reel Placer


Compac push turner - reel handling equipment

The Compac Turner is a lightweight electric machine that expands within the core of a reel to allow it to be lifted and rotated from vertical to horizontal and can push-transfer the reel to a production machine mandrel. It is controlled with a hand held control panel for visual alignment. The chassis has swivel castors or double pallet rollers for easy pallet entry. The Compac Turner is powered by a 12 volt battery and has a built in battery charger.