Mechandling Self Propelled Telemono IBC Vessel Inverter


Mechandling's brand new development for 2018, the Stainless Steel Clad Self Propelled Tele Mono Vessel Lifter / Inverter is designed for lifting Production Vessels on special purpose tabbed forks inserted within lifting tubes on the production vessel. This allows the vessel to be raised and inverted at the required height. This Self Propelled Telemono vessel inverter features mechandling's unique telescopic closed mast design allows for easy cleaning and compliance with GMP pharmaceutical requirements.



Mechandling Ultra TeleMast M.e.W.P


Introducing Mechandling's new Telemast Ultra Mobile Elevated Personell Platform. Providing the utmost reliability and flexibility the Telemast M.E.W.P is the perfect solution for working at height. 

TeleMast Mewp




Mechandling ATEX ultra




Mechandling are proud to announce that we now provide ATEX versions of our flagship Ultra range. Constructed from 316L grade stainless steel the ultra can now be used in zone 1/21 and 2/22 areas.

Manual Multi Gripper.93




Mechandling introduce new self propelled lifter.


Mechandling introduce a new self propelled Lifter to join the powered Ultra range of lifting equipment. 

The new model is based on a Toyota fork truck propulsion unit, which is housed within the new stainless steel exterior. It compliments the existing range of the popular Ultra models which are available in both powered and manual variations.




Mechandling win Award from BAE Systems.


M.D. Stephen Young was recently awarded a bronze award from BAE Systems Air Combat division who make the Typhoon Jet Fighter, for the two specialised Lifters Mechandling made for BAE in 2012.


The prestigous award was presented in recognition for the innovative design that created a solution to a problem previously thought to be unsolvable.




Mechandling Offshore Oil Platform Oil Heater Trolley


2013-08-29 17-51-43 0006


Mechandling can include the Offshore Oil industry amongst their list of clients. The Oil Heater Trolley can transport a 1.4 tonne Oil Heater mechanism through several decks on a offshore Oil Rig.


The trolley is mechanically self propelled can turn through sharp right angles using directionally controlled large swivel castors. It is also designed to be picked up by crane and moved to different deck levels.




Reel Slide Loader

The Reel Slide Loader mechanism is a new design for lifting and handling reels that are closely stacked together on a pallet and would prevent the entry of conventional lifting forks to lift them of the pallet. With its removable, adjustable offset lifting head, the Reel Slide Loader mechanism can lift individual reels from the pallet even when they are tight up against each other. The Reel Slide Loader mechanism can be mounted on to any of the Mechandling range of Lifters, manual or powered.   

Slide Loader

Twin Ultra Lifter


A brand new update to our popular Ultra Lifter chassis, the "Twin Slot Ultra" boasts superior stability and load bearing capacity for heavy duty applications, while retaining the enclosed mast design of the Ultra. 


The manual Drum Grip Lifter is designed for lifting drums from pallets or floor level clamping around the circumference of the drum using a screw clamp. The drum can now be lifted using a hydraulic hand pump.